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Our Girls Gallery

Escorts from China, Japan and Korea

We understand that London is well-supplied with escorts, therefore to be the best in the business you need to have the most superior girls. And that is why we only recruit the best to work for our agency. All of our girls are of Chinese, Japanese and Korean ethnicity – this ensures that the escort services we offer remain authentic to the origin. As well as being insanely skilful, all of our girls are blessed with the finest Oriental beauty. With wavy caramel hair, perky breasts and bouncy bottoms they could easily be mistaken for super models and glamour girls. Though Britain might be their second home, we insist that all of our girls are fluent in English. This allows them to build a beautiful relationship with you that will go far beyond intimacy. As well as supplying the most sensational services, all of our girls love indulging into your sizzling fantasies. Whether you are seeking sweet vanilla companionship or want the more full thrills girlfriend experience then our girls have it covered. Feel free to visit them in their plush London apartments or outcall them to a location of your own choice across the city.